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Elvado Environmental LLC (Elvado) was established in December 2001 by Jill A. Mortimore, Thomas "Toby" Harrison, and Jeffrey R. Walker. This team brings together the consulting experience of Mr. Harrison and Mr. Walker with the project management experience of Ms. Mortimore.

From 1985 through 2001--prior to founding Elvado Environmental LLC--Ms. Mortimore worked on environmental compliance and clean-up projects associated with Tennessee Superfund sites in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the three DOE facilities on the Oak Ridge Reservation. Her experience for the bulk of that period was as project manager for CERCLA projects.

From August 1995 through 2002, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Walker successfully operated AJA Technical Services, Inc. (AJA), a small environmental consulting firm. In 2002, Elvado merged with AJA.

The Elvado team also benefits from associations with the Senior Associates of the firm, David C. Campbell and R. Scott Nolter.

Mr. Campbell is a CERCLA regulatory specialist and specializes in waste site assessment and remediation under CERCLA and RCRA over 20 years of civil and environmental engineering experience to the firm.

Mr. Nolter's experience includes more than 10 years managing projects related to the investigation and remediation of underground storage tanks the performance of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments.

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